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HHRRT's Foster Dogs
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The HHRRT Adoption Process:

You can contact HHRRT at any time to inquire about our foster dogs. If the current fosters
don't match what you're looking for, feel free to email us with what you
are looking for. We
keep tabs on dozens of Northern Breed dogs throughout the Midwest USA and are in contact
with other Northern Breed rescues throughout the Great Lakes region. We will happily do our
best to match you with the right dog at the right time, even if that means directing you to
another rescue. We also encourage you to read over our adoption application and contract to
make sure you're agreeable with our policies before you begin the adoption process.

Fill out an online
adoption application. After we receive the application, we will call you to
discuss the dog in detail. We will also contact your personal references, your veterinarian, and
your landlord (if applicable). Choose your references wisely as we
will be calling them. We
always contact your vet, no exceptions
. We understand that this is a longer process than you'd
find if you just went to a pet store, but we assure you that it is not meant to frustrate you. Every
step of the way is to ensure that the right dog goes to the right family.

We will schedule a time for a home check if necessary (especially for first time husky owners),
and a chance to have the dog meet you in your own home. If you have other dogs, you can
choose the most appropriate "neutral territory" for them to meet before introducing the new
dog into your home. This extra step can help ensure that the dogs meet as friends not rivals.

If all goes well, you will sign an
adoption contract and pay an adoption fee, and the dog will
officially become part of your forever family. The fee will vary based on what veterinary
services the individual dog required.
Our fees will only be as high as the vet bills incurred, and
will be much less expensive than buying a dog through a pet shop/puppy mill or breeder.

If for any reason the adoption doesn't work out - or if you fall on hard times and can no longer
keep the dog you adopted from us - we will gladly take the dog back. You won't have to explain
yourself. Any information you choose to disclose will be at your own discretion. Please do not
send the dog to the local pound. In most cases, this is where the dog was rescued from in the
first place and we've all worked hard to keep it out of there.  
All HHRRT foster dogs receive:
Vaccines: DHLPPL (distemper/parvo), Bordatella ("kennel cough"), 1 year Rabies
Spay / Neuter: if by chance you adopt a puppy younger than 6 months of age, you will be
required per the adoption contract to have the pup altered at the appropriate age. No dog
older than 6 months will be adopted out without first being altered.
Heartworm test: if positive, the dog will undergo necessary treatment. If negative, the dog
will go on monthly preventative.
Flea & Tick prevention: dips, Capstar, etc if needed + monthly topical preventative
Microchipping: after adoption, you will become the primary contact person. Husky Havoc
MUST remain as the secondary contact for the life of the dog.
Vet Care: any additional medical, surgical, and/or behavioral care the individual dog
Training: housetraining, leash training, crate training, basic obedience (i.e., Sit, Come,
Stay). Healthy adults may be trained in harness to run on a recreational sled team during
the fall and winter.
Dogs will be sent home with: collar, leash, dog license, their favorite toy, a week's worth of
kibble, microchip papers, adoption contract, rabies tag, vet health forms, and a copy of
"It's a Sibe Thing...You Wouldn't Understand" by Raven Delaval
Additional HHRRT merchandise (clothing, bumper stickers, etc.) can be purchased.  
All adopters will receive a 10% discount.
Read over the Adoption Contract
Click on the photos or names to go to the dog's page where you can find out more
information and see photos & videos. Scroll down to learn about HHRRT's adoption
process. Or click here for an
Adoption Application or Adoption Contract.
Thinking of giving a pet as a surprise
gift for someone? We at Husky Havoc
encourage you to give instead a Pet
Promise Certificate. This is a gift
certificate that entitles the bearer to
a rescue dog from HHRRT. That way,
they know you want to give them a
dog but they have the choice as to
whether they want that individual
dog or not. You can download it, print
it out, maybe even package it with a
leash, collar, dog bowl, etc. Then
when the recipients are ready, they
can really think about which dog is
the best fit for their family.
Click this
for more info and a Pet Promise
certificate to download and print!

Want to donate a Kuranda bed, crate bed,
or accessory to one of the gorgeous
huskies shown here?
Just click on the icon below!